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UNESCO/ICDE Chair Rory McGreal

Mapping the landscape of Open Educational Resources institutional initiatives

Over the past decade, there have been more and more initiatives in more and more countries.  It has become difficult to have a sense of the OER landscape.  As we seek to explain Open Educational Resources to stakeholders, as we seek to connect with others and as we seek to learn from the experience of others, we might find useful a picture of the OER world – a global map of institutional (and perhaps national) initiatives as a starting point.  Over time, an “OER World Map” could be enhanced as the community wished and found feasible.

Maps can be effective in immediately communicating a message.   There are already several global maps that have been created for specific OER groups, such as, the Open CourseWare Consortium and the UK Open University OLnet project Evidence Hub.

The former IIEP OER community showed enormous energy in its interaction.  And importantly, it had the capacity to self-organize and did so by collaboratively translating the report of the group’s consensus on priorities to advance the OER movement.  If mapping the OER world were seen to be useful, perhaps the worldwide OER community could self-organize and agree on how to start, build and maintain an OER world map together. An international conversation will take place online over a three-week period from 12 – 30 November.

Can the global OER community design and build an “OER World Map” together?

An international discussion
12-30 November 2012

Week 1: What could an OER world map look like?
Week 2: Could a world map be built collaboratively?
Week 3: Reflection and next steps

Local discussions – organized locally

In addition to the international discussion, local groups were invited to use and translate the documents to hold interactions in their own languages for their own communities or networks.

Discussion documentation

Weekly discussion summaries

Week 1 summary
Week 2 summary

Week 3 summary

Final Summary Documents

Summary Report

Archive of the discussion

Visit the archive to read the full conversation.

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